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Summer season is almost here and so is the good weather. This weekend we are finally going to Marbella to spend a few days, and we have planned to make a ton of photos. It has been raining these last weeks so we hope we get good weather when we arrrive. Don't forget to check out our Instagram page and stay tuned to receive our latest news!

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We are improving our shirt quality for you.

We are currently working on a new collection so we decided to make a change on our shirts, we decided to improve the overall quality of our shirts to make them feel and look premium to our customers, due to this change being made while creating a new collection, it may take a few weeks more to complete, so stay tuned for all the information and make sure to check our available shirts on the store!  

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We are currently working on a new collection.

We are currently working on a new collection, 3 new shirts, 3 different designs, 3 different colors & superior quality. We are very hyped to present our new work, once we have the final product the photoshoots will start and after that they will be introduced on our Instagram page, 1 shirt each day and after that the full collection will be released on our online store. ADHOC APPAREL has a new investor so some minor changes will be happening (Good ones!) 

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